Clear the way to business resilience

Build your most efficient path to business resilience, the only way possible: through holistic contextual remediation
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Effective Business Resilience

Identify and consolidate gaps and misconfigurations

Effortlessly integrate your existing security tools with our platform for comprehensive exposures detection.
Breeze not only identifies misconfigurations but also consolidates them across tools, allowing you to choose alternating controls.

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Effective Business Resilience

Contextualize and assess

Breeze contextualizes security threats within your business environment, assessing and prioritizing misconfigurations based on their potential impact. This ensures critical exposures are addressed first, aligning security enhancements with business priorities.

BUSINESS focused
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Effective Business Resilience

Adaptive Prioritization

Breeze adapts to your preferences, allowing you to define remediation priorities based on cost, time, or complexity. Our platform tailors the security response to fit your unique business needs, ensuring efficient and effective risk management.

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Effective Business Resilience

Effective & efficient remediation

Breeze streamlines your remediation process with tailored playbooks and, where possible, automatic remediation for non-destructive, low-friction gaps.
This ensures efficient, targeted fixes, reducing manual effort and accelerating protection enhancements.

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With Breeze, you will manage your security stack, not vice versa

Achieve cyber resilience in a click of a button


reduction in MTTR

Breeze streamlines the entire process from detection to prioritization and remediation, significantly reducing mean time to remediation. Stay ahead with faster, more effective responses.

of gaps pose no immediate risk

While numerous security gaps may exist, Breeze helps you discern that most don't immediately impact critical assets, allowing for strategic scheduling of remediation.

more efficient daily operations

Breeze optimizes routine security tasks, consolidating multiple system data into one dashboard. This efficiency frees up time for critical remediation efforts.

critical security exposures resolved in first 3 days

Experience immediate improvement with Breeze: more than twelve security vulnerabilities identified and rectified within the first days of implementation.

Integrate and deploy with ease

It was a breeze to switch prioritization when we got caught up with lorem ipsum

Liam Neeson, CEO

It was a breeze to switch prioritization when we got caught up with lorem ipsum

Liam Neeson, CEO

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